detail, John Wooly, oil on wood, 2013

Listen To My Eyes starts Feb 1 and runs through the March.  Located at Clearstory Gallery, on the 2nd floor of Life Center Church (Life Center is just south of SFCC, located at 1202 N. Government Way in west Spokane).   Clearstory is a beautiful venue and is curated by the Casey Lynch very talented Susan Cowger.

This is a collection of new portraits of my close friends and people who have had a deep impact on my life.  An integral part of the show is a written explanation, included near each portrait, of why the person pictured is an important part of my life.   My intention is that the viewer might walk away feeling that in a small way they know the subject, even if they have never met.


I just had some prints made of 3 different Spotted Dog paintings.  These were professionally done by Garland Printing (, are digitally printed on heavy weight acid-free paper with a slight texture, and are available in 2 sizes: large (8″x16″) and small (4″x8″).  They can be purchased on

The larger prints can be seen here:

The smaller prints are here: